Sydney – The City with an Everlit Skyline

Sydney - The City with an Everlit Skyline.jpgFor those who cherish the beauty of nature, touring is best when it connects you to nature in its most untouched form. Eventually, it is the lap of nature where the most basic needs of traveling are met – a chance to enjoy, learn and develop simultaneously. This is one of the primary reasons that the Australian continent has earned its reputation as a perfect travel destination. But it is not only the availability of nature in its purest form that Australia attracts tourists, but also because of the presence of several mega cities that provide equal opportunities for spending your holidays. The beautiful mix of nature and modernization is what makes Australia perfect.

Sydney, the most populous city in Australia is where both these aspects merge beautifully. The megacity surrounds the world’s largest natural harbor on the east and the great Blue Mountains on the west. In Sydney, you get to experience the finest quality of life and yet all this in close proximity to nature.

Tourist attractions in Sydney

Bondi Beach:
One of the most famous beaches in the world, Bondi Beach provides endless possibilities for entertainment. Time can be spent surfing the waves or indulging in various other water recreational activities. If you are in Sydney, do take the opportunity to visit the beach during the evening and see an exquisite view of the horizon as the sun sets.

Sydney Harbour Bridge:
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a well-recognized structure worldwide. Built across the Sydney Harbour, the steel made bridge is quite a sight to see. The skyscrapers on either side of the bridge reflect their lights beautifully on the harbor waters during the night. Taking a walk across the bridge is a nice way to spend time and get a wonderful view of Sydney.

Port Jackson:
Port Jackson is the best place to go for a picnic. It is also a perfect spot to go swimming. Port Jackson is basically an extension of the Tasman Sea into the mainland. There are also many various events being held here. New Year’s Eve celebrations in Sydney are very popular and rightly so, due to the magnificent events that are held here.

Sydney Tower:
The tallest structure in Sydney, the Sydney Tower stands approximately 1,000 feet in height. The tower has an observation deck which provides a majestic revolving view of the skyline of Sydney. The tower has various levels which contain restaurants and studios, making the tower complete in itself.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium:
Being surrounded by water on all sides, Australia has various fish species and other aquatic life forms which are alien to the rest of the world. The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium displays a large variety of these life forms and also has 14 themed zones; one of them being the world’s largest coral reef –The Great Barrier Reef. Visiting the aquarium will definitely be a surreal experience.

Along with these places, Sydney houses various museums, observatories, and places of cultural importance. Sydney has a culture of its own, which is very rich and worth experiencing. Even if you are not here for the cultural experience, you can spend time on the beach, visiting nature, or enjoy the local seafood.