Sydney – The City with an Everlit Skyline

Sydney - The City with an Everlit Skyline.jpgFor those who cherish the beauty of nature, touring is best when it connects you to nature in its most untouched form. Eventually, it is the lap of nature where the most basic needs of traveling are met – a chance to enjoy, learn and develop simultaneously. This is one of the primary reasons that the Australian continent has earned its reputation as a perfect travel destination. But it is not only the availability of nature in its purest form that Australia attracts tourists, but also because of the presence of several mega cities that provide equal opportunities for spending your holidays. The beautiful mix of nature and modernization is what makes Australia perfect.

Sydney, the most populous city in Australia is where both these aspects merge beautifully. The megacity surrounds the world’s largest natural harbor on the east and the great Blue Mountains on the west. In Sydney, you get to experience the finest quality of life and yet all this in close proximity to nature.

Tourist attractions in Sydney

Bondi Beach:
One of the most famous beaches in the world, Bondi Beach provides endless possibilities for entertainment. Time can be spent surfing the waves or indulging in various other water recreational activities. If you are in Sydney, do take the opportunity to visit the beach during the evening and see an exquisite view of the horizon as the sun sets.

Sydney Harbour Bridge:
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a well-recognized structure worldwide. Built across the Sydney Harbour, the steel made bridge is quite a sight to see. The skyscrapers on either side of the bridge reflect their lights beautifully on the harbor waters during the night. Taking a walk across the bridge is a nice way to spend time and get a wonderful view of Sydney.

Port Jackson:
Port Jackson is the best place to go for a picnic. It is also a perfect spot to go swimming. Port Jackson is basically an extension of the Tasman Sea into the mainland. There are also many various events being held here. New Year’s Eve celebrations in Sydney are very popular and rightly so, due to the magnificent events that are held here.

Sydney Tower:
The tallest structure in Sydney, the Sydney Tower stands approximately 1,000 feet in height. The tower has an observation deck which provides a majestic revolving view of the skyline of Sydney. The tower has various levels which contain restaurants and studios, making the tower complete in itself.

Sea Life Sydney Aquarium:
Being surrounded by water on all sides, Australia has various fish species and other aquatic life forms which are alien to the rest of the world. The Sea Life Sydney Aquarium displays a large variety of these life forms and also has 14 themed zones; one of them being the world’s largest coral reef –The Great Barrier Reef. Visiting the aquarium will definitely be a surreal experience.

Along with these places, Sydney houses various museums, observatories, and places of cultural importance. Sydney has a culture of its own, which is very rich and worth experiencing. Even if you are not here for the cultural experience, you can spend time on the beach, visiting nature, or enjoy the local seafood.

Exploring the Unending Wilderness of the Acadia National Park

Exploring the Unending Wilderness of the Acadia National Park.jpgAbout the Acadia National Park

Nature is best and purest in its raw form, untouched and unaltered by humans. Such places, though hard to find, do exist. The Acadia National Park is amongst the finest National Parks in the United States, attracting tourists from all over the world. The Acadia National Park outdoes many other tourist locations when it comes to the natural beauty and the unending wilderness of the landscape. But apart from this, there are various other things which make it a much sought after destination for travel enthusiasts.

Things to do in Acadia National Park

Hiking the Cadillac Mountain

Hiking the Cadillac Mountain will be a completely new experience. The huge biodiversity the Park has to offer makes the hiking even more enjoyable and exciting at the same time. The path is neither too long to make it tiring neither too short to not enjoy it thoroughly. A day spent hiking the Cadillac Mountain is surely day well spent.

Sand Beach

Between the mountains of the Acadia National Park is a complete surprise for visitors: Sand Beach. The moderate climate makes it a much-visited location. One can visit this place to rest and relax by the waters while sunbathing or to enjoy the water itself. Sand Beach is a location not to be missed on a tour of the Acadia National Park.


This is the very thing for adrenaline junkies who visit the National Park. The Park provides excellent possibilities for exploration, exactly what is needed by those who wish to live life to its fullest. In case one does not have a bike, it can be rented from the bike shops that are present.

Whale watching

A bit of luck and you can see these gigantic creatures on your visit to the National Park. The coast of Bar Harbour is famous for the activity of whale watching. It is a marvelous sight from the Park and the excitement of seeing a whale just adds to it all. If you are not satisfied with a distant view, you can take a boat to go offshore and get a closer, clearer view of the whales.

The endless number of possibilities for enjoying oneself at the Acadia National Park are totally amazing. One cannot expect anything better or more splendid than a visit to the park to spend some leisure time and to connect with nature.

Explore the Stunning Grand Canyon

Explore the Stunning Grand CanyonLocated in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is a magnificent landmark that welcomes millions of visitors annually. Most of them book theGrand Canyon Tour so they can explore the bewitching beauty of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. This beautiful, iconic landmark stretches 277 miles from end to end and is home to the wild and wondrous Colorado River and gorgeous rock walls that follow alongside the river.The huge landmark has several entrances, including the North Rim, South Rim,and the West Rim. The main entrance to the canyon is at the South Rim while the West Rim entrance is part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation.

Exploring the South Rim, North Rim, and West Rim

Although each Rim is blessed with their own distinctivebeauty,the South Rim and West Rim have a bewitching splendor that draws many visitors. From the gorgeous colors that dot the canyon – pink, orange, purple, and gold to the mind-blowing rock wallsof the Colorado River and the glistening Lake Mead.

The South Rim of the canyon is home to the park’s headquarters-the Grand Canyon Village. Visitors to the park can find a number of lodges, hotels, restaurants, and a general store among other services to ease your exploration. The North Rim, although beautiful, is not as frequented as the South Rim and West Rim of the Canyon. This part of the canyon is great for travelers that seek solitude as they explore the beauty within the canyon. It is remote and does have a campground for those that wish to spend a night or two surrounded by the canyon’s beauty.

The West Rim,on the other hand, is home to the glass-bottom Skywalk Bridge. The bridge which sits 4,000 feet above the Canyon floor provides visitors with breathtaking views of the canyon. Those who book the Grand Canyon Tour that includes exploring the West Rim should definitely visit the gorgeous glass-bottomSkywalk. You can hike the trails from Guano Point – another gorgeous location to view the canyon’s beauty and embrace its bewitching splendor.

Activities at the Canyon

Visitors that book the Grand Canyon tour are assured of activities, suitable for both the young and old. There are numerous hiking trails at the canyon, from gentle stroll trails to the more difficult hiking trails that provide for spectacular scenic views of the canyon. You will have an opportunity to go rafting-either motorized or oar-powered or you can visit the many different vantage pointssuch as Guano Point, for wonderful views of the canyon.You can also go on a boat or helicopter tour to enjoy additional and wonderful attractions of the canyon.

What to See

Besides the overall gorgeous beauty of the canyon, those who book the Grand Canyon Tourmay chance upon the California Condor- a famous bird of the park. Those visiting the South Rim of the Canyon may have a good opportunity to observe the flight of this beautiful bird as it occasionally flies near the Grand Canyon Village. Other animals that inhabit the Canyon include the Coyote, Mule Deer, Bobcat, Mountain Lion, and a number ofother smaller animals and reptiles such as the ring-tailed rattlesnake and the Grand Canyon rattlesnake.

To find the right written words to describe the Grand Canyon is nearly impossible because finding the correct words to describe the original beauty of the canyon can only be foundand appreciated by a visit to this historic and breathtaking wonder.

Texas – A Visitors’ Guide

Texas - A Visitors’ GuideThe ‘Lone Star State’ has much to offer for visitors, whatever the duration of their stay may be. From diverse landscapes to multicultural influences to spectacularly built museums and galleries, Texas, the second largest state in the US, is a wonderful place to visit for a holiday tour. Here, we outline some of the major attractions you can enjoy on your tour across Texas:

  1. Space Center, Houston

One of Texas’ main tourist attractions, the Space Center not only houses NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and Mission Control but also offers visitors a remarkable insight into the inner mind of the world’s largest space agency, through guided tours, models, as well as some amazing samples of moon rock. So, if you are a science fan or a space junkie, make sure you visit the Space Center during your visit to Texas.

  1. Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas

Now called the Sixth Floor Museum, this building was previously the Texas School Book Depository, which from the sixth floor President Kennedy was fired at and fatally wounded. The museum is a continuation of the legacy of Kennedy with guided tours detailing the assassination as well as Kennedy’s life and work. Nearby is the J.F. Kennedy monument, a dedication to President Kennedy.

  1. The Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Highlighting some of the best natural scenery in the US, this park, with its beautiful façade, and stunning landscape with a backdrop of the Guadalupe peak is a wildlife resort, featuring especially golden eagles. It is a popular site for visiting, with hiking and biking trails on the offer for energetic adventurers.

  1. Texas State Capitol, Austin

Located in the downtown center of Austin, this age-old Capitol Building is one of the most elegant legislatures in the US and a national historic landmark. It now features monuments to the defenders of the Alamo and veterans of the Vietnam War, and visitors are facilitated with guided tours of the Capitol.

  1. Galleries and Museums

Where else does history find itself meeting with art, but in a museum or a gallery? And Texas has plenty of those to offer. You can take a guided tour of the Dallas Museum of Art, a remarkable monument to artwork from contemporary as well as ancient artists, or you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston for a look at works from famous movements of the past three centuries. While visiting Fort Worth, you can take a detour to the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, or visit the Byzantine Fresco Chapel, which is the only place in the West featuring Byzantine Frescoes.

  1. The Alamo

Located in San Antonio, this small white chapel is the site of a great battle and one of America’s most famous historical sites. The fort gained importance during the war of independence from Mexico, and that battle has since been made immortal through every possible way. Visitors can see the restored mission buildings and gain an insight into the battle through sightseeing artifacts and trinkets.

Texas is a wonderful place to spend your holiday. Resplendent with natural attractions and mighty man-made structures, it’s a place you should definitely visit.

Two Cities, One Border-Explore the Exquisite Culture and Sights of San Diego and Tijuana


A visit to San Diego, CA would not be complete without a visit to Tijuana, Mexico. You get the best of both worlds when you visit the two beautiful cities and all they have to offer, from vibrant cultures to delicious cuisines.

Unique Aspects of San Diego

Lying along the southern coast of California near the Mexican border is the beautiful city of San Diego. The city is bordered by San Francisco and Los Angeles. All year round the city boasts of a very hospitable climate with warm sunny days in the wintertime and a refreshing breeze off the Pacific Ocean in the summertime. There is plenty to see and do while in San Diego-from the stunning beaches on the Coronado Peninsula to the pleasant shopping experiences in the shopping district downtown. There are small shops and boutiques with delightful items to be found along the Embarcadero, most notably at the Fisherman’s Village. There are hot air balloon rides, air-combat experiences, and fishing excursions to be enjoyed by the more adventurous souls. History buffs can enjoy a visit to OldTown San Diego and be sure to make a visit to the Junipero Serra Museum.

As you are planning your visit to Tijuana, you can also visit interesting cities and towns nearby San Diego.You can visit Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, or Long Beach or you can enjoy a ride to the east that will bring you to the Santa Rosa Mountains, you can drive further to Palm Springs or even further to the Joshua Tree National Park- the choice is entirely yours!

A Glimpse at Tijuana

Tijuana is approximately ten miles south of downtown San Diego and is a great place to enjoy some wild nightlife and have a bit of bargain shopping during your trip. There are plenty of native handicrafts to choose from and if you get hungry, then there are plenty of delicious foods to choose from.

Besides the bargain shopping and delicious foods you can try in Tijuana, there are plenty of beautiful places you should explore. Make a visit to Rosarito, with its beautiful beaches, warm hospitality and gorgeous desert hills. If you have a passion for wine then you must include Valle de Guadalupe-dubbed as the Napa Valley of Mexico. Here you will find over 50 wineries to explore with plenty of wine tasting tours to indulge in.

You can go for a scenic drive to Ensenada where you should check out La Bufadora(blow hole) and watch the sea explode into a natural geyser that reaches a height of 20 m. While in Ensenada you can also enjoy some sport fishing.

The above is just a few things and a few places you can check out when you visit both cities. You will be sure to have the time of your life and create a bucket-load of memories of your visit! Both have their own unique experiences to offer visitors and both have their own unique beauty to offer as well.

Denver, Sky-Touching Mountains and Skyscrapers


Denver is the largest populated city of the state of Colorado in the US. The city is bordered by the high mountain ranges and forests. Each year around two million tourists visit the Colorado’s capital city of Denver and besides being one of the cities with the best tourist reputations; the main reason as a tourist attraction is that Denver has many beautiful parks, historic landmarks, skyscrapers, museums and high mountain ranges. The elevation of the city is more than five thousand feet higher than  sea level. Tourists visit Denver in both summer and winter, as there are many special tourist deals available in both seasons. The natural beauty of Denver rests in the parks and the mountain areas while the metropolitan beauty of the inner city is full of tall buildings.

Top Attractions

  1. Daniels & Fisher Tower

Visit the Daniels & Fisher Tower, one of the tallest buildingsin the city. Tourists can also see the architectural beauty of this building from a distance. The tower was built in 1910 by the famous architect Frederick Sterner and it is a department store in Denver, reaching a height ofninety-nine meters.

  1. Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the best tourist attractions in the city of Denver. Tourists can visit the park only in the day time. The park is home to several magnificentwaterfalls and a riverflowing through the park makes it even more stunning. The Rocky Mountain National Park is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains and tourists can also discover the dazzling lake inside the park. The main reason for tourists visiting this park is that it is best for hiking, camping, picnics and exploring the spectacular area.

  1. The Meyer Skyscraper

The highest skyscraper in the city of Denver is the Meyer building and it can be seen from anywhere in the city. The building has several shops and offices. Tourists can go to the fortieth story of the building and see the entire city in one view.

  1. Elitch Gardens Theme Park

The Elitch Garden Theme Park is probably the best tourist attraction in the city of Denver. The park features several rides and roller coasters and also a zoo with many animals that are native to the state of Colorado. The Park contains some of the highest roller coasters in the country and the riders will have a breath taking view of the entire city while enjoying the adventurous roller coaster rides. The area has many entertainment venues and visitors will spend some adventurous and exciting times.

  1. Mount Evans

Mount Evan is highest mountain peak that dominates the skyline of the city of Denver. Tourists visit the mountain for hiking, biking, camping and exploring the wilderness. However, the area is best to be visited during the day. There are several tourist locations on Mount Evans that are suitable for camping and hiking as tourists can view all of the spectacular landscape of the surrounding area.

Los Angeles and Hollywood


Los Angeles is one of the major attractions of the USA. Off course, here you will have an opportunity to check out HOLLYWOOD among many other tourist attractions! Every year thousands of people flock to Los Angeles to visit this hip and happening place. Each and every neighborhood of Los Angeles has a story to tell. How your story unfolds, depends on where it begins! Progressive, trendy, eclectic, laid back or retro – you name it and one neighborhood or the other has it.

There are so many things to do in Hollywood and L.A. There are so many places and restaurants to try out that you are sure to get spoiled for choices. But whatever you do, don’t forget to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame along with a visit to Universal Studios. Let the architecture and infrastructure of the place bowl you over.

Starline Tours:  Opt for the Starline Tours Hop-on Hop-off. The tour is conducted on a double-decker bus service across the city. The bus normally covers the area from Santa Monica to Downtown L.A.You can take the bus from any of the hotspot tourist attractions which means that you are never stuck in any one particular destination.

Night Life and Los Angeles:  You have endless options when it comes to entertainment in Los Angeles whether you wish to enjoy a quiet drink or dance the night away with fellow revelers. There are many bars and night clubs where LIVE music is played throughout the night. In fact, if you make a request to the DJ, he will play your chosen song. Don’t forget to try out the cocktails created by L.A. mixologists. They are simply out of this world!

Activities:  When it comes to trying different activities that take place in Los Angles, then a single trip is not enough. You have so many places to visit. Some of the must include a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood, Disneyland and Six Flags Magic Mountain.

Just because you have visited Universal Studios Hollywood, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t visit Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers and Paramount Pictures. For the ultimate experience in Television and Film Making, a visit to all these places should be on your list. You never know when you are going to visit Los Angeles again. So don’t lose out on any of the opportunities.

If you are in the mood for something extra then opt for the hiking and biking trails or a visit to the spectacular beaches. You are sure to feel rejuvenated.